ProExtender System

proextendersystemThe ProExtender is in the penis stretching family of devices. It’s a simple product and it works based on an old principle. The flesh can be lengthened and stretched for almost any part of the body, the penis in particular. The device works by forcing the chambers of erectile tissue in your penis to expand. Keep the pressure on long enough and they expand permanently and thus will be filled with more blood when you get an erection. Those bigger chambers mean a bigger penis. That’s how the ProExtender penis enlargement device gives you what you want.

According to their studies the average length increase is 24% and the average girth increase is 19%. You can use the device under medium loose pants without detection but if you go tighter than that it will be obvious that you have something on. You can use the ProExtender for as long as you’d like on any given day but the more you wear it the greater your length will be. The device looks simple and perhaps a little scary but there is no pain associated with wearing it if you’re doing it right. If you’re experiencing pain then you know you’re not doing it right and you need to make a few adjustments.

The testimonials page on the ProExtender is a little worrisome. They only show pictures of guys with flaccid penises and that’s pretty worthless. The erect penis is what matters because that’s what will be going inside your partner and giving her pleasure. If you have a bigger flaccid penis you might impress someone on the rare occasions that your pants are down and your penis isn’t hard. Because of this the testimonials aren’t particularly useful. You can expect your growth to be somewhere around the 24% average growth rate. The ProExtender starts at $299.95 and if you buy the system with all the bonuses and the fancy materials they charge $429.95. They ask that you try it for six months and if you’re not seeing any changes ship it back with everything that came in the box and they’ll refund your money in total.


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  • Semenax: Volume Increaser Pills
  • Penis Enlargement Exercise CD

Addition Information

  • Guarantee: They will refund 100% of your money if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, Phone, Mail, Fax
  • Support: Excellent
  • Ingredients: High
  • Shipping Time: Excellent
  • Doctor Approved: Yes

The ProExtender is a slightly scary looking device that enlarges your penis by applying constant stretching pressure. The device gently pulls on your penile flesh and it gets larger over time. They ask that you try it for at least six months before sending it back for a refund so you’ll have to expect a long investment. The testimonials page is filled with flaccid penises and that’s not terribly useful for measuring actual erection growth and it’s all about the erection. Studies show an average gain of 24% though so something is working. With that six month guarantee it’s a pretty safe bet and if you don’t see the growth you want you can simply send it back. That’s worthy of a look.

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