How to Make More Semen?

Want to Know How to Make More Semen?

This article discusses the way that Semenax works to increase semen production in men. It includes a brief discussion of how volume pills work and why.

Have you ever watched a porn movie? Sure you have, come on, admit it. Well you know how those men seem to orgasm forever? It isn’t a special talent for a blessed few. It also isn’t some magical CGI effect.

They have a secret, and I am going to let you in on it. Their secret is Semenax.

In fact, many top porn stars admit to using Semenax volume enhancing pills. Pretty powerful endorsement, eh? Semenax pills work by filling a man’s body with just the right amount of nutrients, so he can fill his lover with just the right amount of… satisfaction…

What Creates All That Semen?

One of the reasons that men develop erectile dysfunction is a lack of the right nutrients, like zinc.

Semenax works like your own special sexual vitamin. It has the right nutrients to produce just the desired effect. These pills are specially formulated to keep you erect longer, and maximize your semen production.

Semenax increases blood flow to the penis to keep you rock hard. In addition to this they increase sperm volume by up to 500% – find more at

Having so much more semen creates a massive amount of pressure. The muscles in your penis have to work extra hard to push out the massive load of semen that is created by Semenax. All this work is great for you; you will have orgasms that are like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Your girl will enjoy the sensation of your explosive orgasms as well. You’ll be able to shoot farther and harder than you ever imagined.

Why Semenax?

There are other volume pills on the market but none of them can claim the same amazing results as Semenax. After reading this it should be pretty clear why Semenax is putting all other volumizers to shame. What could be more simple than using your body’s natural abilities to produce more semen? Semenax doesn’t force your penis or prostate to do anything that it wasn’t always capable of. It just maximizes your intake of the right naturally occurring minerals to make your body work the way it was always meant to.

You have to give Semenax a try. If it doesn’t work for you– trust me it will, then you can get a money back guarantee. Semenax is so sure you will be satisfied, that they provide you with up to 6 months time to request your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.