Best Method Of Penis Enlargement

There are many different methods of penis enlargement including penis pills, penis exercises, penis pumps, penis surgery and penis extenders. We will have a glance at all of these now and give our experience with these including how good we reckon each works.

Penis Pumps

Pumps are well known and one of the cheaper methods of penis enlargement. Pumps should be a one off cost as unless a part breaks down on it then you can go on using it for as long as required. The one part that may need replacing are the silicone sleeves which are very inexpensive anyway.

Many claim these work but in our experience any growth gains are temporary and there can be some problems associated with it. The donut effect is where you get a pile of fluid causing a fatty lump just behind the glans. Also possible is burst blood vessels in the penis from too much pressure. Usually this won’t be our top rated method of penis enlargement.

Penis Surgery

Surgery is the most costly and possibly the most dangerous method to reach a bigger penis. There have been many pictures of surgery gone badly leading to a deformed penis. There is even a question as to how much growth you can achieve from surgery alone as you are required to wear a penis extender for some time afterwards. Reports have been received about how some people after not using the extender have only gained only 0.5 inches.

Penis Pills

There are now many different pills available that say they can help you gain so many inches. Now we can say that sometimes pills help if used alongside other ways but have seen no proof that these will work on their own. Penis pills help to keep blood in the penis and if used with other methods they can possibly help.

Penis Exercise

The most famous and most used penis exercises are known as Jelqs. Jelqs are exercises that forces blood into the penis, loads more than is usual and thus extends the penis. This will keep the penis engorged for long after the exercises have ceased. Jelqing is a good method and should actually work on its own but not so well.

Jelqing though can help in the last method of penis enlargement as can pills. The last one is the best one and most likely to make gains on its own or with other methods. Penis exercises and penis pills will speed this up a lot.

Penis Extenders

These are by far the most well known and most effective method to grow your penis. These work by extending the penis past its limits and holding it there as the cells grow back. The penis then heals by itself using more cells to occupy the extra size and thus makes the penis bigger.

When you use jelqs alongside penis extenders then the cells will be broken down and when they rebuild in the extended state there will be loads more cells broken down and more needed to repair the extended penis. This method works brilliantly and will increase your gains. By itself or with other ways the extender will get you more penis gains quicker than every other penis enlargement method.