Penis Enlargement – Effective Exercises

Penis enlargement can be achieved by the usage of a few devices and also by surgery though the most effective way of making the penis huge and long is nothing but performing regular exercises on the penis. Methods founded at are way safer and easier when compared to the other methods adopted for the purpose of achieving a considerable improvement in the size of the penis.

Milking is one such exercise that is performed to enlarge the size of the penis. This exercise is done with the use of the thumb and the forefinger and the right amount of pressure is given on the muscles and the soft tissues of the penis. A step wise procedure is to be followed in order to achieve the best results. A few preliminary exercises to warm up are necessary before the start of the milking action. Similarly it is equally important to let the muscles and the tissues in the penis relax completely after the exercise is over. This needs a set of exercises as well to cool down after the action. This method of milking is also known as jelqing.

Another widely used exercise is called the kegel exercise and it mainly aims at the control of an individual over the muscles of the penis. The exercise is all about being able to expand and contract the muscles in the penis in order to control the flow of urine when the person is urinating. The constriction of muscles in the penis when he tries to halt the urination now and then will cause a sensation in the penis that will help in making its size better with more and more practice.

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Ballooning is yet another effective exercise that is practised to achieve an enlarged penis, both length wise and breadth wise. It is highly important that a man needs to ejaculate at the right time during sex and early ejaculation will obviously lead to lesser pleasure in sex and an uninteresting sex life. When the penis is erect, it can be massaged right from the base to the tip gently by the individual. One should try to gain control over the orgasm i.e. the individual should practise to hold the gush of sperms for about four to five times before reaching the stage of orgasm, so that there will be increase in the number of tissues in the penis leading to enlargement of the penis.

Exercises can also involve the usage of small weights for which the doctor’s advise is really important.

Temporary Methods

Men who suffer from ED- Erectile Dysfunction and complete impotence have extreme difficulty in achieving an erection or maintaining it till the stage of orgasm. For men with this type of disorder, there are temporary and permanent methods that are employed to make the size of the penis huge, and to help in achieving erection. The following are some of the methods that prove effective in temporary penis enlargement:

  • Simple exercises on the muscles of the penis can help the penis grow in mass and length by giving a suitable pressure to the penis to make it hard and erect as well. Thus exercises of this kind will enable the person to smoothen his sexual life.
  • There are certain devices that are available to temporarily enlarge the penis. These devices encompass the ones such as vacuum pumps also known as penis pumps. The vacuum pump works on the mechanism that vacuum is created around the penis, thus letting more amount of blood pass through the penis, making it bigger and longer.
  • Devices that will aid in stretching the penis will make it longer, thus improving the chances of erection and the rigidity of the penis during a sexual intercourse. The device that applies a specific level of traction on the muscles of the penis is called the extender, and is of great use bringing effective results.
  • Other simple techniques include the use of rings commonly called the cock rings that are to be worn around the cock to maintain the erection for long in case the person desires to have multiple orgasms or in case of long period of masturbation. The usage of these rings is easy since they are flexible and require nothing other than fitting it rightly. This technique is widely called as clamping.
  • Another technique called Jelqing also proves effective. The tissues and muscles in the penis are subjected to gentle exercise by the person, which will gradually improve the thickness and length of the penis. This gesture of exercising the penis with the use of the thumb and the index finger to enhance the possibilities of erection, maintaining the erection is also called as milking.
  • Pills can also be used to achieve temporary erections that are to be taken thirty minutes before sex. These pills can produce results that can sustain for 24 to 36 hours after the intake of the pill. Extenze, Vigrx plus and Maxoderm are pills that are widely used exclusively for penis enlargement.

Side Effects Of Penis Enlargement Techniques

Penis enlargement can be achieved by a good number of techniques currently. All these techniques used are for giving a better sexual life for men with Erectile Dysfunction, free of any difficulties in getting an erection and maintaining the erection. Unfortunately, these techniques may lead to undesirable effects that may also make the situation and the disorder worse. Some side effects that have been reported are as follows:

  • Pumps that are called vacuum pumps or penis pumps are used for creating a vacuum around the penis. This will directly lead to accelerated blood flow in the penis, thus making the penis huge and long. The usage of this particular technique may be give way to inability to sustain the erection for long, in the future. Early release of the sperms may also happen which is another undesirable factor during a sexual intercourse. The side effects may go to the extent of an alteration in the shape of the penis i.e. the individual may get to have a penis that is bent that can never be corrected easily.
  • Techniques that work on the enlargement of penis may use ways to stretch the penis or in other words to extend the length of the penis. This can be done by the use of small weights that can be hung on to the penis. This method adopted may reduce the level of sensitivity in the penis which will again end up in problems during the intercourse. It may change the very shape of the penis and also may cause acute pain during the time of erection. In the worst cases, it may also make the individual impotent.
  • Simple hand exercises on the penis work by giving the right amount of pressure on the tissues and muscles in the penis. The muscles in the penis are exercised by the man using a couple of his fingers in a way that the penis is pulled in the right way, so that this action when repeated will gradually increase the size of the penis. This kind of exercising the penis muscles is also called milking. Over doing this or an improper way of doing this will cause the urethra to bleed.
  • Surgical methods that are performed by cutting a portion of the ligament in the penis can make the penis less rigid during erections. Permanent enlargement of penis using surgical methods like this is proved to be ineffective in a major number of cases.

How Do I Spot Male Penis Enlargement Scams?

The penis enlargement industry is a very big one, and where there are large industries, there are often those who look to take advantage of consumers by creating scams. Unfortunately, there are many penis enlargement scams currently in existence, and you really do have to be careful not to fall in to them.

After reading this article though, you should have a pretty good idea as to how to protect yourself from the scams which are currently out there. If the worst comes to the worst and you do fall victim to a scam, we will also provide you with the information you need to get yourself out of the trouble which might be caused as a result.

How to Identity Scams

The first step in protecting yourself from male penis enlargement scams is to learn how to identify them from the get go. If you are able to clearly determine which offers are scams and which are not, you should have a fair chance of keeping your penis enlargement product buying within the sphere of safety.

There are three giveaway features of a penis enlargement scam. They are:

  1. No contact details for the seller
  2. Difficultly understanding text or the product information
  3. No SSL certificate or no advanced website

The first of these – no contact details – is probably the biggest giveaway of them all. Whenever you are buying something on the internet, you should always have the contact details of the particular company right in front of you. If you can’t find them, or if they are simply not there, chances are the company doesn’t want to be contacted, and there is usually a reason for that.

Just think about it – if there are no contact details, how can you expect to get in touch with the company if something goes wrong with your order? Chances are you won’t be able to, and email is a very unreliable tool when it comes to that type of thing.

Website Issues Indicating Fraud

There are another two giveaways when it comes to male penis enlargement fraud. These relate to the actual website which the penis enlargement products are being sold on. If the website doesn’t look professionally built, chances are it’s not.

Additionally, if there is no SSL certificate protecting your details on the payment page, you should be genuinely worried. SSL is now a standard feature for any website which is collecting sensitive information from users such as passwords, credit card numbers, and so on.

Again, if you find any of these (or lack of these should we say), be particularly suspicious. It could be that they are simply genuine mistakes, but even if they are – you shouldn’t be buying from such a site anyway.

By looking out for each of these things, you will be able to significantly minimize the chances of getting done by a fraudster in the area of male penis enlargement products.